Harlem Week


Over 2 Million Attendees & 100+ Events

HARLEM WEEK is an annual celebration of the best of Harlem which works to promote its rich African-American, African, Caribbean, Hispanic and European history, as well as arts, culture, religion, business, entertainment and sports. HARLEM WEEK began in 1974 as HARLEM DAY, a one day event of encouragement and fellowship in Harlem for New Yorkers. Given the huge success of the celebration, additional days were added to showcase the community’s rich economic, political and cultural history.

What originally started as a one-day tribute to one of the most culturally rich neighborhoods in the world has now become a month-long celebration enjoying its 45th year. HARLEM WEEK is designed to pay tribute to the Upper Manhattan iconic community and its ongoing impact on culture, service, innovation and education throughout the world. With over 100 events, HARLEM WEEK celebrates the history and brilliance of all that is Harlem NYC.